Police and SES Orange Army rescue mission on Mt Bartle Frere

Babinda Police abd SES Volunteers prepare to trek the Mt Bartle Frere trail

Did you know Mt Bartle Frere in the Wooroonooran National Park is Queensland’s highest mountain and a popular hiking track in the far north?

It is also seen as a challenging way to explore part of the World Heritage listed rainforest of the Bellenden Ker Range.

With that said, our local Babinda Police and ‘Orange Army’ of SES personnel were kept busy at the weekend with a search and rescue on Mt Bartle Frere.

Babinda Police were advised that a man and his 40-year-old son had become separated on the mountain and the Dad had returned to the track to look for his son after he didn’t find him in the carpark.

Preparing for the trek

Officer in Charge of Babinda, Sergeant Doug Godden and his partner trekked approximately 3.5km up Mt Bartle Frere in the dark on Friday night, found the Dad and brought him safely down the mountain.

Sergeant Godden coordinated the Rescue 510 chopper to help with the search Friday night and again the following morning along with a team of police and SES volunteers.

“Fourteen SES personnel volunteered helped our team of three police officers ,” Sergeant Godden said.

“We broke off into three teams to search the Mt Bartle Frere track and thankfully we managed to locate the missing man safe and well on Saturday morning.

“Whilst our police and SES volunteers had a good result, it’s very important that when you are out enjoying the far north, you are prepared for anything as conditions and temperatures can change quite rapidly.

“We are very grateful to our SES volunteers who are always ready willing and able to help us with search and rescues.”

The following tips will help ensure your safety:

  • Plan your hike. Don’t go walking in remote areas alone.
  • Find out how long it should take to get there and to return in daylight hours.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Take enough water, suitable clothing and basic emergency and overnight items for the trip and in the event you become lost, have a fall or are injured.
  • Always check the weather forecast and stay on marked trails.
  • If travelling or camping in remote areas, consider having safety communications equipment such as a Satellite Navigation system.

For those interested in taking on the Mt Bartle Frere hike, please ensure you are prepared and do your research https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/bartle-frere/about.html

A special thank you to all our SES Volunteers

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